Taichung International Airport

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Taichung International Airport was initially used for domestic flights. As tourism and economic ties across the strait is enhanced, Taiwanese people are more inclined to save time when traveling. In response, Taichung Airport has been improving on check-in and check-out procedures as well as airport service and facilities. International flights that fall in 4 to 6 hours flying time are now increasingly available.
Passengers can directly fly to Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Soul, Okinawa from Taichung International Airport. Air lines to China include direct flights to Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanking, etc.
The size of Taichung International Airport is small but exquisite. It offers domestic and international travelers with a wide range of services including duty-free shops, restaurants, local cultural exhibits, travelers service counter, scenic resting area, internet service, kids play zone, airport trolleys, art gallery, massage chairs, baby strollers, etc.

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