Central Taiwan
  • Carpenter Woodcraft Studio

    Carpenter Woodcraft Studio nearby Houli Horse Ranch in Houli District tells a touching story.

    Distance 20.9公里, Driving time 24分
    , Distance 18.2公里, Walking time 3小時
  • Guangfu New Village

    Located in Wufeng District, Guangfu New Village is the first new village built after WWII.

    Distance 24.8公里, Driving time 28分
    , Distance 15.2公里, Walking time 3小時
  • Yuanman Church

    Yuanman Church is situated in Wufeng, Taichung. The style of the church combines ancient Rome, Rococo and Gothic.

    Distance 28.9公里, Driving time 35分
    , Distance 19.3公里, Walking time 4小時
  • Dakang walking trails

    Dakang is in the east side of Taichung, and is on the opposite side of Dadu Mountain.

    Distance 24.2公里, Driving time 36分
    , Distance 14.6公里, Walking time 3小時
  • Xinshe Sea of Flowers

    Xinshe Sea of Flowers is held annually during November to December

    Distance 29.2公里, Driving time 42分
    , Distance 19.6公里, Walking time 4小時
  • Lihpao Land

    Lihpao Land is a recreation center that offers a combination of leisure, resort, amusement, racing and exhibition.

    Distance 24.2公里, Driving time 28分
    , Distance 23.9公里, Walking time 5小時
  • Zhi Gao Zun Walking Trail

    Zhi Gao Zun is a dam in Wuri that draws water from Fazi River to irrigate farms in Nantun, Wuri and Dadu.

    Distance 16.3公里, Driving time 19分
    , Distance 10.5公里, Walking time 2小時
  • Taichung City Seaport Art Center

    Gongdu Art Center is built above artificial hill and ground.

    Distance 23.0公里, Driving time 33分
    , Distance 19.4公里, Walking time 4小時
  • Zhongshe Tourism Flower Market

    Zhongshe Tourism Flower Market in Houli is a great place for floral lovers.

    Distance 26.8公里, Driving time 31分
    , Distance 23.4公里, Walking time 5小時
  • Wuri Brewery


    Distance 8.6公里, Driving time 19分
    , Distance 7.3公里, Walking time 1小時
  • Taian Railway

    Taian, Houli Line was an old railway, and it is many people’s wonderful memory.

    Distance 27.1公里, Driving time 34分
    , Distance 23.6公里, Walking time 5小時
  • Fushoushan Farm

    At the change of seasons, Fushoushan Farm presents varied sceneries.

    Distance 181公里, Driving time 4小時
    , Distance 247公里, Walking time 2天
  • Lishan Scenic Area

    Lishan Scenic Area is located in the Western section of the Central Cross-Island Highway.

    Distance 155公里, Driving time 3小時
    , Distance 260公里, Walking time 2天
  • Tanya Shen Green Bikeway

    Tanya Shen Gang GreenBikeway is the second bicycle path that was established, right after the Dong Shi, Fengyuan bicycle path.

    Distance 15.7公里, Driving time 24分
    , Distance 9.4公里, Walking time 2小時
  • Guguan Hot Spring

    Guguang Hot Spring is with Bashan Mountain as its backdrop and also facing Dajia River.

    Distance 65.0公里, Driving time 1小時
  • Asia University Museum of Modern Art

    Asia University Museum of Modern Art is mainly constructed with concrete and curtain walls.

    Distance 24.9公里, Driving time 28分
    , Distance 15.1公里, Walking time 3小時
  • Dajia Jenn Lann Temple

    Daijia Jenn Lann Temple is one of the most famous Matzu Temples in Taiwan.

    Distance 32.5公里, Driving time 34分
    , Distance 26.7公里, Walking time 5小時
  • Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way

    Previously the Taiwan Railway stretching from north to south along Dongshi line

    Distance 28.1公里, Driving time 34分
    , Distance 23.1公里, Walking time 5小時
  • Wuqi Fisherman's Wharf


    Distance 35.8公里, Driving time 40分
    , Distance 24.9公里, Walking time 5小時
  • Gaomei Wetland

    Gaomei Wetland located on the south of the mouth of Dajia River is a land mixed with both sand and soil textures and comes in 1,500 acres.

    Distance 34.8公里, Driving time 37分
    , Distance 24.5公里, Walking time 5小時