• Chung Hua Night Market

    Chung Hua Night Market is filled with many old Taiwanese snack stands.

    Distance 2.7公里, Driving time 8分
    , Distance 2.7公里, Walking time 38分
  • Taichung Liuchuan Canal Waterfront

    After dredging and improvements, Liuchuan (Willow River) Canal has immediately become a top attraction in Taichung City.

    Distance 2.8公里, Driving time 9分
    , Distance 2.8公里, Walking time 39分
  • Fengle Sculpture Park

    Fengle Sculpture Park in the dusk is weaving with remaining sunshine and a bit coolness.

    Distance 4.0公里, Driving time 13分
    , Distance 3.7公里, Walking time 48分
  • Zhongxiao Night Market

    Dated back to the Japanese colonial period, Zhongxiao Night Market is the place of abundant late-night snack choices in Taichung City.

    Distance 4.9公里, Driving time 16分
    , Distance 4.7公里, Walking time 1小時
  • Natural Way Six Arts Center

    Built in 1937 in the Japanese Colonial Period, Natural Way Six Arts Center was a place for Japanese wardens and police officers to practice martial arts.

    Distance 3.9公里, Driving time 12分
    , Distance 3.8公里, Walking time 50分
  • Jingming 1st Street


    Distance 0.4公里, Driving time 2分
    , Distance 0.4公里, Walking time 5分
  • Taichung City Second Market

    The 100-year-old Taichung City Second Market is located on Sanmin Road and Taiwan Boulevard.

    Distance 3.2公里, Driving time 10分
    , Distance 3.2公里, Walking time 43分
  • Taichung State Government

    Taichung State Government is a government building still in use designed by Moriyama Matsunosuke in the Japanese colonial period.

    Distance 3.7公里, Driving time 12分
    , Distance 3.6公里, Walking time 49分
  • Taichung Folklore Park

    The park owns Chinese-style architectures and enables people to know better about lifestyle in the past. The park also sells folk toys and art crafts.

    Distance 5.4公里, Driving time 16分
    , Distance 4.4公里, Walking time 1小時
  • Tung Hai Arts Street

    An international street near Tung Hai University, this is a dream community filled with artistic scenes and community awareness.

    Distance 8.4公里, Driving time 19分
    , Distance 8.1公里, Walking time 1小時
  • CMP Block Museum of Arts

    In addition to the indoor exhibition hall of CMP Block Museum which is renovated from an old school

    Distance 1.7公里, Driving time 7分
    , Distance 1.2公里, Walking time 17分
  • National Museum Of Natural Science

    National Museum Of Natural Science is located in Taichung City.

    Distance 1.6公里, Driving time 6分
    , Distance 1.6公里, Walking time 22分
  • Taichung Park

    Taichung Park is the oldest park in Taichung city.

    Distance 3.4公里, Driving time 11分
    , Distance 3.4公里, Walking time 46分
  • Luce memorial Chapel

    This campus is the most attractive one of all the universities in Taiwan.

    Distance 6.4公里, Driving time 14分
    , Distance 6.3公里, Walking time 1小時
  • Calligraphy Greenway

    Calligraphy Greenway comes in 3.6 kilometers, ranging north from National Museum of Natural Science to National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in the south.

    Distance 1.6公里, Driving time 6分
    , Distance 1.4公里, Walking time 19分
  • Miyahara


    Distance 3.8公里, Driving time 13分
    , Distance 3.8公里, Walking time 52分
  • Caowu Square

    Caowu Square is a widely favored outing location that offers a variety of fun activities and services including DIY workshops

    Distance 1.7公里, Driving time 6分
    , Distance 1.7公里, Walking time 21分
  • Feng Chia Night Market

    One of the most famous night markets in Taichung, Feng Chia Night Market is located within 1 kilometer of Feng Chia University.

    Distance 3.8公里, Driving time 14分
    , Distance 3.1公里, Walking time 41分
  • National Taichung Theater

    If you see the entire world as a river, then I want my buildings to be like a whirlpool.

    Distance 2.4公里, Driving time 7分
    , Distance 2.1公里, Walking time 27分
  • Maple Garden


    Distance 2.3公里, Driving time 8分
    , Distance 2.2公里, Walking time 28分
  • National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

    The Taiwan Museum of Art, which opened in 1988, has a total of 24 exhibition halls.

    Distance 3.1公里, Driving time 10分
    , Distance 2.7公里, Walking time 35分