La Mode Kitchen
Open hours: 07:00 to 11:00.
The buffet breakfast allows only one-time entry during dining hours.

La Mode Kitchen

The word "La mode" means fashion in French, presenting the thriving and diverse culinary trends of the moment., serving natural, refreshing, and delicious cuisine. It provides guests not only the satisfaction of taste but also an artistic journey.

The head chef of La Mode utilizes his exquisite culinary expertise and rich creativity to bring daily fresh culinary feasts.

The collaboration of two head chefs presents a variety of specialty dishes:
✧ Chef's Special - Classic dish from Tainan, Fresh Warm Beef Soup. 
✧ Local Taiwanese flavors - such as Hsinchu Hai-Rei meatballs.
✧ EliubiS Swiss ice cream.
✧ World-famous brands like American potatoes. 

Location: Tempus Hotel 1F